2024 FAI F1E European Championships for Free Flight Slope Soaring Gliders

19th – 23rd Aug. 2024


Organizer and venue of the competition

The Club of Aircraft Modelers of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Club of Aircraft Modelers p.s. 418 Litoměřice, the Institute of Technical Education Litoměřice, the city of Litoměřice and the municipality of Raná.

Director of the competition: Mgr. Jiří Rudolf, Czech Republic

Secretary of the European Championship competition: Bc. Tomáš Vydra, Czech Republic

Venue of the competition: flight area of Raná u Loun hill and surrounding areas. 

Raná is located in the northern part of the Czech Republic, near Louny.

Distance to Litoměřice:

Prague 69 km, Brno 274 km, Ostrava 444 km, Rozvadov 230 km, Raná u Loun 34 km

The flying site on the Raná hill is the Mecca of air sports with a history since 1932 in the field of gliding and motor flying. It is currently an important location for paragliding and model air sports.

The venue hosted the F1E World Cups in 2020, 2022, 2023. The World Championship and two World Cup races will be held at the airport area on Raná hill, where two opposite slopes are oriented southeast - southwest and southwest - north. The wind direction is favorable for the race on both slopes in August.

Expected weather conditions according to long-term statistics: partly cloudy to cloudy, sometimes showers or thunderstorms. Daily temperatures 27 to 31°C. Night temperatures 18 to 14°C. Wind S at a speed of 2 to 6 m/s.

The city of Litoměřice will be the starting point for the F1E European Championship 2024. In the premises of the Institute of Technical Education, there will be a reception of the models, briefings of the team leaders, and in the premises of the Litoměřice Castle, the closing ceremony of the ME and a banquet will be held.

Litoměřice Castle, GPS 50.5363165290412N, 14.12965509236323E



Seniors F1E

Juniors F1E

GIEZENDANNER Emil, Switzerland

VOSEJPKA Jan,  Czech Republic

BORCHIA Antonio, Italy



8/18/2024-Sunday | World Cup "F1E Early I", or arrival and accommodation

19/8/2024-Monday | Opening ceremony, registration, model inspection, training, technical advice

20/8/2024-Tuesday | F1E Junior European Championship

21/08/2024-Wednesday | Senior European F1E Championship

22/8/2024-Thursday | Reserve day/trip, personal program

23/08/2024-Friday | Award Ceremony and Banquet

24/8/2024-Saturday | World Cup "F1E Early II" , or departure.

Institut technického vzdělávání z. u.

Sovova 480/2,

412 01 Litoměřice

Czech Republic


For the organizing team

Mgr. Jiří Rudolf



The championship will take place according to:

- FAI Sporting Regulations 2024 edition, CIAM General Rules and Volume F1.

- FAI General Section and FAI Code of Ethics.

- FAI Antidoping Rules

- FAI Disciplinary Code

Anti-Doping Statement:

If a competitor needs to use any of the substances on the WADA Prohibited List due to a medical condition, they must have a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the FAI.


A quote from the FAI Anti-Doping Regulations: "If you regularly take a medication prescribed by your doctor and that drug is on the WADA Prohibited List, you must have your doctor fill out a form called a TUE (Therapeutic Exemption). Athletes at international level must send the form to the FAI Secretariat, athletes at national level must send it to their National Air Sports Control."

FAI Sports Licence: each competitor and team manager must hold an FAI Sports Licence valid for the Championship year. This license must be registered in the FAI license database.

Note: FAI sports license holders may be required to produce an official document with their photograph and signature as proof of identity.

Official language of communication: English, Czech


Each FAI-CIAM Member National Aeroclub/National Federation may enter a team consisting of:

- team manager, assistant team manager

- older competitors: a maximum of 3 competitors or a maximum of 4 competitors if at least one competitor is a woman;

- juniors (age limit 18 in 2023): maximum 3 competitors or maximum 4 competitors if at least one competitor is female;

- according to the FAI Sports Regulations, the reigning senior world champion

- according to the FAI Sporting Regulations, the reigning Junior World Champion (with reference to CIAM General Rule 2023; section C.5.1 and C.5.3. d);

- official helpers, supporters.


Individual classification

The FAI Trophies

Individual senior: Europa Pokal 1984 AUT Trophy

Individual Junior: Rhon Pokal of 2008 Cup

FAI medals and FAI diplomas will be awarded to the first, second and third placed senior and junior competitors. All senior women will compete for the overall senior women classification. In addition, there is a classification of senior women. FAI medals and diplomas will be awarded to the first, second and third placed females only if six (6) or more females are competing. If the number of females participants is less than this number (six), then only FAI diplomas will be awarded. All junior girls will compete for the overall junior girls classification. FAI medals and diplomas will be awarded to the first, second and third placed females only if six (6) or more females are competing. If the number of females participants is less than this number (six), then only FAI diplomas will be awarded.

The reigning 2022 European Champion and the reigning 2022 Junior European Champion…" (subject to the approval of his NAC) to participate in the Championship in this class, regardless of whether he qualifies for the national team or not. If he is not a member of the national team, his score or position will not be taken into account in the team results.

Classification of teams

Medals and FAI diplomas will be awarded to each member (including the top three finishers and the team leader) of the first, second and third placed teams. Another award: All teams and competitors, regardless of placement, will receive a commemorative F1E 2024 European Championship plaque (including the top three finishers and the team leader) of the first, second and third placed teams.



All protests must be submitted in writing to the Competition Director at the competition venue and must be accompanied by a €50 deposit. The deposit will only be returned if the protest is accepted.

€310 for senior competitor, team manager, assistant team manager

€260 per junior competitor

€60 per supporter, helper

Fee note: the entry fee includes a CHF 10 fee to be paid by the organizer to the FAI for each competitor, team manager and assistant team manager.


The preliminary application should be sent to the organizers no later than April 1, 2024.

The final application must be sent to the organizers by June 1, 2024 at the latest.

At the same time, the entry fees for the team manager, assistant team manager, seniors, junior competitors, helpers, supporters should be sent to the following bank account by July 1, 2024 at the latest.

ČSOB Postovní spořitelna


Account 286094056/0300

IBAN CZ5203000000000286094056


Message You will enter the country code, ME F1E 2024

Payments sent after May 31 are subject to a penalty:

1-15 July: 10 % fine

July 16 - August 1: 20 % fine

The sender is responsible for the bank commission.


The organizer does not provide accommodation, but will present proposals for possible accommodation in the Litoměřice locality in bulletin No. 1. Meals for competitors and members of the implementation team will be provided during the competition day /junior and seniors/ in the price of the entry fee, by catering at the race location. For other companions, refreshments will be provided for a fee.

Banquet: 50 EURO/senior; 40 EURO/junior. Payment will be made in cash against a receipt or when paying the entry fee by bank transfer.

Possible accommodation


The organizer will provide liability insurance for all competitors for model accidents involving injury to other persons and damage to property. It is recommended to take out individual health and travel insurance before the trip. 

For EU citizens, health care is covered under social care upon presentation of the EU 11 form available in the country of residence. Non-EU citizens should take out their own health insurance to cover sickness and travel insurance.

The Organizers are not responsible for any PERSONAL injury, loss, theft or damage to persons or property OUTSIDE THE CONTEST. The organizers cover damages caused by a third party during the competition.


For countries where Czech entry visas are requested, they can be obtained at Czech embassies/consulates. For more information, please contact the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Citizens of EU member states do not need an entry visa.


The Club of Aircraft Modelers of the Czech Republic is governed by the Implementing Measures for operation from January 1, 2023. Available at: https://svazmodelaru.cz/klem/2023/01/01/provadeci-opatreni-pro-provoz-v-ramci-modelarskych-klubu-v-obdobi-1-ledna-2023/

From this we present:

Members of the Association of Modelers of the Czech Republic to operate their unmanned aircraft with a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 25 kg (hereinafter referred to as aircraft models) in the territory of the Czech Republic subject to the fulfillment of the following three conditions:

a) The operation of the model aircraft is possible in accordance with the Sporting Code of the Czech Republic for model aircraft modelers of the Modelers Association of the Czech Republic, the Model Aircraft Club of the Czech Republic and/or the Sporting Code CIAM FAI, as amended,

b) The aircraft model conforms to the Sporting Code of the Czech Republic for model aircraft modelers of the Modelers Association of the Czech Republic, the Model Aircraft Club of the Czech Republic and/or the FAI rules – Sporting Code CIAM FAI, as amended,

c) The operation of the aircraft model is possible according to the provisions of Aviation Regulation L2, Appendix X with reference to point 2. Scope, paragraph 2.1 and 2.2 and point 7. Premises, as amended on the date of signing this declaration, with the fact that the other parts of Appendix X are in accordance with paragraph 2.1 of the mentioned regulation for the operation of models by recommended procedures.


At registration, the team manager must present the FAI licence, updated entry form (if there are changes), national flag (1m x 1.5m), national anthem on memory card and payment order only in case of late payment. The place of registration will be specified in Bulletin No. 2.

Institut technického vzdělávání, z.ú.

📍Sovova 480/2, Litoměřice 412 01

✉️ institut.tech.vzdelavani@gmail.com

📞 +420 606 645 618

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